ft8 20200620

Conclusion of the "DXpedition" in KN35: 80m performance on the EFHW was quite poor, need to tweak it a little more. 40m and 20m worked perfectly both day and night, 15m and 10m are suited mostly for the day time. A successful first trip, I'd say.

ft8 20200619

ft8 20200618

ft8 20200616

Managed to get the coil added to the EFHW, so I've got now access to the 80 meters band. SWR is still a bit high, but under 3:1 - not complaining for now.

ft8 20200615

ft8 20200614

New multiband antenna (EFHW from HFKits), new location, mucho mambo !

ft8 20200613

Start of a "dx-pedition"...

ft8 20200607

ft8 2020601

Multiband FT8 decoding with simple whip antenna and Raspberry Pi 4.

ft8 2020509

FT8 on 30m with "window accordion" antenna.

FT8 on 20m at grayline.

FT8 on 20m for the day.

ft8 2020419

ft8 2020418

ft8 2020412

ft8 2020411

ft8 2020404

ft8 2020402

ft8 2020401

ft8 2020329

ft8 2020328

ft8 20200222

qso ft8 20200201

Monitoring YO9EAT (last heard 2 mins ago). Automatic refresh in 4 minutes. Small markers are the 396 transmitters (show logbook) heard (distance chart) at YO9EAT (448 reports, 43 countries last 24 hours; 832 reports, 43 countries last week).