Built the ATU 100

So, I wanted to add an ATU to the µBitx v5 I have. Because I’m cheap an amateur hobbyist (and I like putting kits together), the decision went to the N7DDC ATU 100 tuner. I got the kit from Aliexpress. The case is from Thingiverse.

  • good quality PCB, no problems in soldering
  • all SMDs already soldered
  • PIC preprogrammed
  • enough enameled copper wire for all coils
  • got a left over capacitor, no idea why
  • pins for one button only; other kits I’ve seen online had 3 button breakouts … should not be a problem, the other two seem optional.

There are plenty build guides available online, so I won’t add anything here. Just go slowly, start with small parts first and be careful with the relays – they’re a tight fit. The only fine tweak was measuring all coils with the NanoVNA to ensure they’re close to the specifications. BTW, I quite liked PG5M’s build. Worst part was probably the binocular core wrapping, but I got it done.

Now, I should start reading the manual – but, as will be detailed in a next post, it’s quite straightforward and automatic to use.

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