µBitx v5 power testing with the ATU 100

So, after finishing up my ATU 100, it was time to … you know, actually use it. As I got the ATU 100 to pair up with my µBitx v5, this is what I used to test. Output was into the previously built dummy load, ran two batches of tests: first with 12V into the µBitx, second with 13.8V. As expected, the power is higher with 13.8V.

µBitx v5 on 12V

Music: Deep Urban – Eugenio Mininni

µBitx v5 on 13.8V

Music: Delightful – Ahjay Stelino


160m24W / 19W25W / 19W
80m15W / 12W18W / 15W
60m14W / 11W17W / 14W
40m13W / 11W16W / 13W
30m11W / 8.7W13W / 11W
20m7.8W / 6.1W9.7W / 7.6W
17m8.3W / 6.5W10W / 8.3W
15m6.4W / 5W8.3W / 6.4W
12m4.4W / 3.4W5.5W / 4.2W
10m4.3W / 3.2W5.4W / 4.1W


As expected, 13.8V gives us more power.

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